Who We Work For

We have a great client/customer base of nationwide contractors who we are a preferred subcontractor for their commercial constructions projects in Georgia. These projects are primarily for tenant space build outs in malls and shell buildings as well as new construction projects including Discount Tire, fire stations, parks, and shell buildings.

Our construction projects run smoothly for many reasons.

AC Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a preferred vendor for many facility maintenance companies and managers. We provide service for properties including mall spaces, Burlington Coat Factory, Goodyear, PetSmart, Sam’s Club,and many apartment complexes.
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We can customize a maintenance plan that meets all of your needs.

A maintenance agreement is a great way to keep your property in pristine condition. It is also a wonderful way to prevent costly repairs. We take care of: protection against rising service costs, prevention of fees, fines, and lawsuits, and the ability to budget a well kept building.

Energy management

AC Electrical Contractors, Inc. recognizes that a properly designed energy management system can save thousands of dollars on electric bills and basic maintenance.

For example: A lighting system that is in poor condition can reduce light output and increase power consumption. That could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars that are being spent on nothing.

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Lighting Design/Retrofits

Whether you are upgrading existing lighting or installing new lighting, LED lighting is a great investment. LED lamps typically last 50,000 hours while florescent lighting lasts on average of 10,000 hours. When choosing LED lights, there are many options that you want to consider, and we would be glad to meet with you and help you decide which option is best. Over the years, we have been able to identify the manufactures and suppliers that provide a product that is priced right and has a warranty. We will always take the time with our customers to find which products are the best for their project.